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The automotive industry imposes specific demands on corrosion protection and the degree to which the components used can be processed, welded, glued and lacquered.

ArmorGalv® offers multifunctional solutions thanks to the unique properties of both the process and the zinc-iron alloy produced.

It can be used in, for example, the following ways:

  • High-strength steel construction components, low galvanizing temperature;
  • Complicated construction components, uniform thin coatings;
  • High-strength steel attachment components, no hydrogen embrittlement;
  • Connecting componentsfor engine rooms and exhaust systems, temperature resistant;
  • Bodywork components, spot welding and gluing;
  • Rivets, malleability;
  • Construction components, excellent bonding for lacquers;
  • Shock absorbers, excellent rubber-metal bonding;
  • Spring systems, low galvanizing temperature and ductility;
  • Lock components, perfect bonding for anti-friction coatings.